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Contribution regulations
of the Gefilte Fest Dresden e.V.

 Resolved at the founding meeting on March 5th, 2015 in Dresden.
  Account data added on 12/01/2015


For all designations that refer to people, the chosen wording means both sexes, even if the masculine form is used for reasons of easier readability.

§ 1 principle

These contribution regulations are not part of the association's statutes. It regulates the contribution obligations of the members as well as the fees and allocations. It can only be changed by the general meeting of the association.

§ 2 Resolutions
  1. The General Assembly decides on the amount of the contribution, the admission fee and the allocations. The board sets the fees.

  2. The amounts determined will be charged on the due date of the following year in which the resolution was passed. Another date can also be set by resolution of the general meeting.

§ 3 Contributions
Beitrag/a in €
Sponsoring Member
ab 200,00
Honorary Member
Full Member
  1. Every member has the right to submit an application to the board for a reduction in the membership fee. The Executive Board makes the final decision. 

  2. The due date is January 1 or the first bank working day thereafter of each calendar year for the year beginning.

  3. The membership status existing on the due date is decisive for the amount of the contribution.

  4. The Board of Directors decides on the classification (status) within the framework of the amounts specified by the General Assembly.

  5. Members are obliged to report personal changes that affect their status immediately.

  6. The membership fee is debited from the members' bank accounts by direct debit.

  7. Costs incurred due to insufficient funds or late payment will be charged to the member. 

§ 4 Fees

The contributions, fees and allocations are collected by data processing (EDP). The personal data of the members are stored according to the Federal Data Act.

§ 5 Association Account

The association account is set up as soon as the association has been entered in the register of associations; the deletion of this sentence and the insertion of the bank details do not require a new resolution of the general meeting.

  • Bank: Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden

  • IBAN: DE12 8505 0300 0221 0932 49


  • Creditor identification number in the SEPA direct debit procedure: DE15ZZZ00001805645

Transfers to other accounts are not permitted and will not be recognized as payments.

§ 6 Effective date

The contribution regulations come into force when they are passed by the general meeting on March 5th, 2015 - but at the earliest after the association has been entered in the register of associations.

Dresden, March 5th, 2015

Signatures of the founding members

in the original with address and date of birth

in alphabetic order

Nils Brabandt
Petrina Delivani
Daniela Larsen
Kai Lautenschläger
Valentina Marcenaro
Alexander Nachama
Nazanin Zandi

Addition to the account data on December 1st, 2015 by Kai Lautenschläger

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