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Together with our guests and friends, we deal with everything to do with Jewish cuisine, cooking, customs and traditions. In doing so, everyone comes into contact with what is familiar and foreign and can get to know each other and their tastes better. Cooking and eating is one of the most natural things and an important part of all cultures and people. It is therefore a good way to get to know and appreciate each other.


When we the  Gefilte Fest Dresden  e.V. Founded in 2015, our basic idea was to illuminate Jewish culture in all its colors through sensual experience. We had found that intellectual avenues, learning and religious approaches were already very widespread. But what we missed was making Judaism really tangible and conveying it without a great deal of previous training or intellectual superstructure. Everyone knows about food and cooking and everyone knows how to tell about their favorite grandmother's dishes, no matter where she or he comes from and who she or he is.

And that is exactly what has been confirmed. Sharing tastes, dishes, customs and memories is an easy way for us and our guests to converse, learn from one another and build respect for one another. Really great!

Der Rabbi kocht
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We welcome all traditions at our events, including those that want to become one. For us there is no "right and wrong", but rather a "rich and colourful"! We are also happy when guests, lecturers, fellow campaigners bring in new, old, weird, mysterious, foreign or widespread traditions. Together we want to explore these customs and try to understand how they came about and what they mean to the people who live with them.


You want to help?

If you would like to help us and the Gefilte Fest Dresden e.V.  to achieve our goals and care to get involved personally, you can do so in various ways!

  • Subscribe to our >  GefiltePost, the newsletter about our events (approx. 6 per year).

  • List yourself as >  GefilteHelp and support us with ideas, contacts, planning and/or hands on help with events.

  • Become >  GefilteFish  – member – and steer the fortunes of our association with your input.

  • >  GefilteHat  – Donation for our good cause, which serves international understanding and the preservation and rediscovery of Jewish traditions.

  • Become a >  GefilteWhale  – supporting member – and show the world your generosity with a recurring donation.

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